Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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  1. An interesting and unusual experience. Thank you. - N.Ram, The Hindu.

  2. Absolutely stunning. So much of history & craftsmenship so beautifully displayed. Thank you for the treat.- Margaret Thomas, Department of Fine Arts, Stella Maris College.

  3. I had the rare privilege of seeing the’British Raaj’ museum-exhibition at Chennai.

    Believe me – I felt that I had walked into a window of time – 100 year back.

    I was amazed to see the rich culture of the British Raj, the creative inventions to suit their every need, and the perfection in executing the design.

    I was further amazed that the exhibits displayed were so meticulously preserved and maintained, I’m sure that a vast fortune must have been spent in restoring them to such perfection and originality.

    Such museums and such exhibits are an invaluable treasure of history, which cannot be acquired by money alone One has to have great will and a deep, burning desire, to make such dreams a reality.

    It reminds us that - History is the witness of the times, the torch of truth, the teacher of life and the messenger of antiquity, as rightly said by Cicero

    ‘Kudos’ to Mr. Steve Borgia, for his thoughtfulness in making this exhibition a reality, and the opportunity given to all to witness the same.



To all Heritage Lovers

We need all the support that we can get to save our Heritage and preserve them for future generations. The British Left Behind Show is only the beginning. A long way to go....

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